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Septum Deviation: Septoplasty

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What is nasal curvature / septum deviation?

A serious nasal curvature that causes nasal congestion by preventing breathing in the nose (nasal septum deviation), if any, it cannot be corrected with this medication. Nasal curvature surgery, in which the curvatures are removed from the inside of the nose (without scar), “Septum Deviation Surgery"Or"Septoplasty"Is called. Nasal congestion other problems (turbinate hypertrophy , concha bullosa) can be easily removed in this surgery and nasal congestion can be corrected. Silicone molds inside the nose after nasal curvature surgery (nasal pad) is placed. There is no need for external bumper and plaster.

What are the other causes of nasal congestion?

Recovery process after septum deviation surgery

After nasal curvature / deviation surgery, recovery occurs in a much shorter time compared to rhinoplasty. If a patient who underwent surgery in the morning has not undergone another additional procedure that prevents his discharge (sinusitis surgery concha bullosa resection etc.) may be discharged in the evening. The patient can return to work within a week at the latest. After the surgery, complaints such as crusting and dryness in the nose can take between 1 and 3 months, although it varies from patient to patient.

  • Usually 3-4. The corrugated bumper on the nose can be taken as of the day
  • Flu-like swelling in the nose may be experienced for 10 days after the operation. This is temporary
  • It is necessary to accelerate the recovery by giving moisturizer and water to the nose for 15-30 days after the operation.
  • Intra-nasal sutures come from inside the nose by melting itself, again snot and crusts may come.
  • The efficiency of the surgery will occur within 1-2 months after the operation and your breathing will improve. If the congestion continues? …

If the congestion continues after nose surgery

Flu-like swelling in the nose may be experienced for 10 days after the operation. After septum surgery, it is necessary to wait for this period to pass. Post-operative blockages may also be due to scab, blood clot and edema. Consulting your doctor about this and good cleaning of the nose may be the solution to the congestion. If your obstruction has not improved after 1-2 months after the operation, it is useful to make a new evaluation by making an appointment with your doctor.

Does the nose shape change after deviation surgery? Will the skew of the nose improve?

In addition to the problem inside the nose, the external appearance was also shaped from the beginning.rhinoplasty surgeryIt is a different operation from ". The differences can be summarized as follows:

 Deviation Surgery   Nose aesthetics
Goal breath breathing + improvement in external vision
Operation time 45-60 minutes 120-180 min (longer in revisions)
Bruising and swelling No way could be
Shape of the nose does not change, does not improve changes, improves

Will there be swelling after deviation surgery? Swelling after nose surgery

Nasal curvature surgery and Nose curvature surgery prices

As of general use nose curvature surgery It is used instead of 'septum deviation'. The one on the left in the table above is the surgery. Since nasal aesthetics are not performed, prices are relatively lower. Nasal curvature (septoplasty) surgery is covered by the SSI in the state hospital. In private hospitals, this surgery can sometimes be covered depending on the scope / characteristics of the person's private insurance, and this situation differs from insurance to insurance. Nasal curvature surgery usually refers to the correction of the deformity in which the prominent trapezoid / curvature of the nose towards the right or left is evident from the outside while looking face to face (at a glance). In nose trapezium surgery prices Rhinoplasty surgery prices It is valid, if nasal skew was due to a trauma and the price may vary depending on the problem in the nose and the procedure to be performed.

Septoplasty surgery fee, Septum deviation surgery fee

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Does SSK cover nasal curvature surgery? Does the state pay for nasal curvature surgery?

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  • error
    I have had septoplasty surgery, but it has been 7 months, I still have difficulty breathing, I wonder if it may be due to the healing time of the tissues, should I wait for the full recovery period in 1 year or 1.5 years, or whether I need to be operated again, so those who know whether there is a full recovery time after the operation can not write or this surgery the ones
  • Berke Özücer, MD
    Berke Özücer, MD
    If you had a nasal aesthetic / rhinoplasty surgery, it would take a longer time, such as 1 year, for the tissues to heal. However, the healing of tissues after septoplasty is close to completion in 7 months. Therefore, I do not recommend that you wait, a new examination will be useful. Get well soon.
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