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Concha Bullosa

Concha Bullosa

The turbinates (nasal concha) are divided into 3 as upper, middle and lower. Concha bullosa is a disease of middle turbinates. It is one of the causes of nasal congestion.

turbinate-growthThe situation in which the middle turbinates expand more than normal by ballooning and causing nasal obstruction by taking up more space in the airways is called concha bullosa. The first photo below shows unilateral, and the second photo (bilateral) shows bilateral concha bullosa.

mid-concha-bullosa concha-bullosa-what is


How is the treatment of bilateral concha bullosa?

The ballooning middle turbinates do not respond to drug therapy. Treatment is done by endoscopic surgery.

How is concha bullosa surgery performed?

It is treated with (with camera) endoscopic (removal) surgery. Without the need for an incision outside the nose, the ballooned middle turbinates in the nose are removed with camera systems and technical surgical instruments. Thus, the air ducts of the person are opened and the breath is relieved.

Recovery time for those who have concha bullosa surgery

No swelling / bruising is seen from the outside after the operation. It heals by getting rid of its crusts for 2-3 weeks after intranasal surgery. During this period, intranasal care and moisturizing accelerates the process. It is recommended not to smoke and not to blow hard.

What are the other causes of nasal congestion?

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