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What is otitis media? Why is a tube inserted in the ear?

otitis media

Middle ear inflammation occurs in the middle ear (inside the eardrum, where the anvil stirrups in the ear). Various reasons may increase the likelihood of this condition (adenoid, allergy, upper respiratory tract diseases). It is a common condition especially in children. When drug treatment is tried first. In cases where medical treatment is not sufficient, as a last resort, the inflammatory fluid inside is drained and a tube is inserted into the ear.

How to insert a tube in the ear, how to perform a tube insertion surgery

It can be worn under local anesthesia in adults. General anesthesia is often preferred in children. Although the tube application to both ears takes less than 30 minutes in total, it is important that the patient is still during the procedure. It should be done carefully and under the microscope. Since children cannot show this patience, the general application is surgery under general anesthesia. With day surgery, patients can be discharged on the same day after the procedure.

The first part of the operation is to remove the inflammation inside by opening a 1 mm hole in the eardrum with middle ear inflammation from the appropriate point. After this, the ear tube suitable for the needs of the patient is carefully placed in the eardrum.

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What should be considered after inserting a tube in the ear

Water should not be in the ear

Can ear tube insertion and adenoid surgery be done together?

Yes, they are often performed together.

Tube placement surgery price, price of tube placement in the ear

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How long does the surgery for tube insertion in the ear take? How many hours does the tube insertion surgery take?

It takes about 30 minutes to insert a tube in both ears. If the procedure is performed under general anesthesia or with additional procedures, this period will be longer.

How to insert a tube in the ear

Inserting a tube in the ear in children

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