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Blepharoplasty: Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery

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What is blepharoplasty? What does blepharoplasty mean?

The medical name of the surgeries that concern the shape and aesthetics of the lower / upper eyelids is blepharoplasty. It is made to eliminate problems such as wrinkles in the upper eyelid or lower eyelid, excess skin, eye bag (fat around the eyes) Eyelid aestheticwhat in general blepharoplasty called.

What are the types of eyelid aesthetic surgery?

It is divided into two as upper eyelid aesthetic and lower eyelid aesthetic surgery. Lower eyelid surgery can also be performed by skin incision or by removing fat (for the treatment of under-eye bags) (transconjunctival) from the eye without a scar on the appropriate person.

Upper blepharoplasty
Lower Blepharoplasty
Lower Blepharoplasty (transconjunctival)

What awaits me after upper blepharoplasty surgery?

Only upper eyelid aesthetics are often applied under local anesthesia or sedation (sedation). The total process often takes less than 1 hour. It can be applied in the operating room or outpatient clinic conditions, depending on the habit of the clinic where you will be operated:

  • Before the procedure begins, the patient's face and eyelid analysis is performed and the operation to be performed is planned and drawn
  • Before the procedure, local anesthetic is given to your upper eyelid and full compliance is expected.
  • Generally, a calm music is played in the background and the person is aimed to be calm, harmonious and pleasant during the procedure.
  • After complete numbness, the amount of skin determined in the preoperative analysis and the excess under the skin (eye fat bags) are taken. After the process is completed, careful leakage control is done.
  • After adequate correction is provided, the skin is carefully stitched to improve aesthetics.
  • It is taped properly to prevent eye movements and infection with appropriate post-surgical tapes.
  • After the patient is followed up with a cold application for a few hours, if everything is in order, the prescription is arranged and the stitches are removed by making an appointment with appropriate recommendations.

What should those who have blepharoplasty surgery pay attention to?

  1. Lying with the head above the heart with a few pillows for 2 days after the operation will reduce bruising and edema.
  2. Cold ice application will reduce bruising and edema.
  3. You can watch television remotely after the operation, but for example, watching a phone / reading a book closely is not recommended.
  4. There may be bruising / swelling in the first week after surgery. Regulations related to social life should be planned.
  5. After the surgery, if the daylight is intense in the summer period, it is important to protect the scar with hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect the scar from daylight so that the scar does not tan differently from the rest of the skin.
  6. There may be temporary permanent dry eye in the postoperative period. People with dry eyes may need to use artificial tear drops temporarily.

What is Almond Eye Aesthetics? What is the goal in lower eyelid aesthetics?

When the inner fountain of the eye is higher than the outer corner, the popular expression is 'almond eye'. Medically, there are three situations:


  • Far left photos: positive (+) canthal tilt (almond eye)
  • Photos in the middle: neutral (0) canthal tilt
  • Photos on the right: negative (-) canthal tilt

Eye and eyebrow structure of the person is genetically + cantal tilt that could be almond eye. Some breeds are associated with this eye structure. This structure is the exact opposite of the canthal tilt, which appears as a result of the reduction of support structures seen in old age. Therefore, it is interpreted by our minds as an expression of health, youth and vigor without thinking about it.

Sometimes, with aging, the decrease in the support mechanisms in the face and eye area - cantal tilt may occur. This is interpreted by our minds without thinking 'as a relatively tired, depressed, unhappy expression as seen in the far right photograph. With the new popular term for these changes in the eyesight with lower eyelid aesthetic surgery or non-surgical eyelid aesthetic options,almond eye aesthetics is called.


positive (+) canthal tilt identifies with youth and vitality, while negative (-) canthal tilt is associated with aging and creates tired looking eyes and expression

  • Far left photos: positive (+) canthal tilt (almond eye)
  • Photos in the middle: neutral (0) canthal tilt
  • Photos on the right: negative (-) canthal tilt

What is the price of blepharoplasty? What is the price of blepharoplasty surgery? What determines the prices of eyelid aesthetics

Blepharoplasty (eyelid aesthetic) surgery is commonly performed for aesthetic purposes. When it is done for aesthetic purposes, SGK and private insurance do not cover this surgery. Blepharoplasty price, that is, the price of eyelid aesthetics depends on several factors:

1- The number of eyelid surgeries to be performed. For example, having only upper, only lower or upper + lower blepharoplasty can create price variability. In addition, the fact that the lower eyelid surgery is transconjunctival creates price variability.

2- Whether the surgery is performed only under local anesthesia, additional sedation or general anesthesia is decisive in the price.

3- The content of the hospital services in the operation determines the price. Although eyelid aesthetics are often outpatient operations that do not require hospitalization, it can be reflected in the price when the patient requests hospitalization or hospital service after the procedure.

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Can the upper eye bag be treated with blepharoplasty?

Under-eye bags can be corrected with blepharoplasty surgery. The prominence of the fat pads around the eyes can be corrected during blepharoplasty. It is a frequently applied procedure in upper eyelid aesthetics. Non-incision method in lower eyelid aesthetics It can be applied alone in patients with suitable under eye elasticity / tightness.

Can under eye bags be treated with blepharoplasty?

These are the situations that can be solved by incision or transconjunctive blepharoplasty. The choice of technique is given considering the skin elasticity, excess and age.

Is it possible to have non-surgical eyelid aesthetics?

Other than the surgical options mentioned above, non-surgical treatment options are possible. With botox and filling around the eyebrows and eyes, changes can be made in the eye contour. For example eyebrow lift with botoxThe under-eye bagging image can be corrected with filling. They are daily operations, their permanence is variable.

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