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Is it possible to remove bags under the eyes?

Yes. Lower Eyelid aesthetic One of the most common reasons to do it is to remove under-eye bags. When the problem is only bags under the eyes


How is under-eye bags surgery performed?

Under-eye bags surgery can be done in two ways, with or without scars. Scarless under eye bag surgery Since the (transconjunctival) is made through the eye, there is no incision around the eye and no change in the shape of the lower eyelid. The excess oils are taken from the eye. Recovery takes a relatively short time


How long is the recovery period after under-eye bags surgery?

In the scarless method after the under-eye bags removal aesthetics, the stroke duration of the marked edema is approximately 7-10 days. It may take up to 1 month for the swelling to disappear completely.


Will there be scars on those who have under-eye bags surgery?

There is no scar when there is no incision, therefore no scar surgery.


Under-eye bags surgery price, Under-eye bags removal price, How much are under-eye bags surgery prices?

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