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Cheekbone aesthetics: How to fill the cheekbone?

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What is the cheekbone? Where is the cheekbone?

Cheekbone is the name given to the bone structure that forms the floor of the cheek area under the eye. The plump, prominent cheekbones and the fullness of the 'cheek' tissue on it give people a healthy, young, well-nourished and energetic image. Again, having prominent cheekbones in women is an indicator of beauty and youth.

What is the cheekbones

What is cheekbone aesthetics?

Cheekbone aesthetics, highlighting the cheekbone and cheekbone plumping The aesthetic operations performed for the purpose are called cheekbone aesthetics. There are surgical and non-surgical options in cheekbone aesthetics. The process / procedures to be performed for the desired effect should be decided individually and by examination.

How is the cheekbone highlighted? How is the cheekbone plumped?

There are studies showing that the cheekbone and jaw tip - that is, the protruding bone skeleton of the face - show some melting over the years. In addition to melting in these bones, thinning and sagging of the soft tissue on the bone can also be seen. All of this results in indistinctness and sagging of the cheekbones. In fact, in order to clarify the cheekbone, tissue is added to make it more prominent. The main methods used for this are as follows:

A) Adding volume to plump cheekbones

  1. Cheek Filling (Cheek Filling)
  2. Fat injection

B) Relative prominence in the cheekbone by making the lower face smaller

  1. Masseter botox
  2. Bichectomy (removal of cheek fat)

C) Relocation of hanging tissues (for patients with tissue sagging rather than volume reduction)

  1. Face lift
  2. Mid face lift

Cheek filling (Cheek filling)

The advantage of being very simple and practical can be applied in an office environment. While it was used with a needle (pointed) in the past, when you apply fillers with a cannula (round tip), the pain during application is much less. At the same time, bruising and swelling that disrupt social life after the procedure is much less common. You can have your filling and go out to dinner the same. The downside is that the filling needs to be repeated for a lifetime. The best alternative to this is permanent fat injection.

Clarification with fat injection

Fat injection to the face taken from the abdomen and hip area with the help of a cannula and undergoing various processes It is to restore volume, fullness and vitality by returning fat pieces to the face. Since no incision is made during this process, there is no scarring or stitching problem in the area removed. The oils taken are passed through processes such as centrifugation and washing. 

Dolgulara avantajı kişinin kendi yağının enjeksiyonu sonrası kalıcı olmasıdır. Enjekte edilen yağın miktarının yaklaşık %60’ı uzun dönemde kalıcı olmaktadır.

Clarification in the cheekbone due to chin reduction with Botox

Instead of making the upper face more pronounced, shrinking the lower face and chin area from the front also creates the effect of clarifying the relative cheekbone. Masseter botox It is another method that can be used in addition to the formation of full cheekbones and V-face.


Cheek augmentation surgery: Face lift & mid-face lift

If the tissues on your face hang down excessively depending on years and gravity, the methods mentioned above will be insufficient. Or its application will not provide a natural rejuvenation of the face and a natural improvement in the appearance. What needs to be done here is that the hanging tissues are freed from the underlying tissues and repositioned to their places on the cheekbones. 'facelift surgery. In addition to this surgery, the above procedures can also be applied (e.g. face lift + face fat injection)


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