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Ear Lobe Aesthetics and Tearing

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What is an earlobe rupture? What is ear lobe aesthetics?

Ear lobe rupture is called sagging, tearing and other deformities due to the use of heavy earrings or ear tunnel (tunnel earring) for long periods. The correction of these deformities is generally called ear lobe aesthetics. Ear aesthetics part of it. As a result of the use of heavy earrings in women, downward extension of the ear holes, sagging or rupture of the ear hole occurs. Although earrings can be worn again after correction, the use of heavy earrings is not recommended.

How is ear lobe surgery performed?




How is ear hole rupture surgery performed after ear tunnel (tunnel earring), what are the results?


The hole formed by stretching the ear usually does not close by itself and requires surgical operation. Its name in the literature is 'gauge earlobe deformity' and there are various surgical correction techniques. Local anesthesia (outpatient treatment without sleep) correction is provided. In corrections due to wearing heavy earrings, the duration of the procedure is directly proportional to the deformity in the ear. While it only takes 15 minutes to reduce the drooping and enlarged ear hole, it may take 30 minutes to reduce the hole after the advanced tunnel earring. After the procedure, the patient can continue his daily life.

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Can I wear earrings again after ear aesthetics?

After ear aesthetics is done and the tissues are healed, the ear can be pierced again and earring can be worn. However, the use of heavy and dangly earrings is not recommended.




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  • Seda Aydın
    Seda Aydın
    There was some expansion due to the earring
  • Beyza Cavusoglu
    Beyza Cavusoglu
    There is a deep tear in the left earlobe, although not completely, almost to the tip. I want to have it closed. What would the price be?
  • Born
    Is it possible to have aesthetics to completely cover the earring hole mark?
  • high nation
    high nation
    My wife's earlobe was torn 4 years ago, she didn't care, but now she wants to wear earrings again. Can I get a price for it? And how long does it take to make an appointment?
  • kemal sarp luck
    kemal sarp luck
    Hello, I have a tunnel about 1.6 cm in size and I want to close it. Can I get a price?
  • Bedriye lion
    Bedriye lion
    MEB teacher, which polyglot my ear lobe is torn which I have to go to?
  • Ayşe Bee
    Ayşe Bee
    Can I get price information about an earlobe rupture?
  • Gulseren Ercetin
    Gulseren Ercetin
    I have never used dangly earrings, but because my ear holes are widened, I want to have both of them done. Can I learn the fee.
  • Nurgul Yildirim
    Nurgul Yildirim
    Hello, I have tears on both earlobes due to the heavy earring. I would be glad if you give me information about the price.
  • Melda
    There was a rupture of the earlobe, it does not look nice, how much is the treatment?
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