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Ear aesthetics: Prominent ear surgery (Otoplasty)

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How is prominent ear aesthetics done, will the trace be visible?

Prominent ear surgery with the open method is performed from behind the ear as shown in the attached animation in a very summary. Therefore, with a careful repair, the scar will not be visible. For example, nasal aesthetics is also made by incision in the place between the two holes of the nose. In other words, our approach is to perform surgeries in 'hidden' and unnoticed places.

Is the surgery performed under general anesthesia or awake?

There are many surgeons who perform this surgery with local anesthesia (numbing the ear with needles) and sedation (sedation). My personal preference is to perform the surgery with general anesthesia, which is the most comfortable for both the patient and the physician.

How many types of prominent ear surgery are there?

There are over 200 surgical maneuvers. However, it is possible to divide prominent ear surgery - just like nose aesthetic surgery - into closed and open. In more limited auricles rope ear aesthetics (no incision method) can be used. Without incision called 'Incisionless otoplasty'rope ear aesthetics'faster recovery is possible. In case of excess cartilage in terms of amount and resistance, the classical type prominent ear surgery gives more guaranteed results by weakening the cartilage with a hidden incision made behind the ear and removing the excess cartilage when necessary, reducing the possibility of recurrence.

Is the ear opened after ear aesthetic surgery?

Yes. Ears are brought closer to the head by surgery. Only after that it opens back a little. After each prominent ear surgery, a little is opened. This opening margin is also calculated and the surgery is performed so that it does not result in 'insufficient' after the opening. This is a concern for all patients, it can be discussed with the surgeon.

Can I take a shower after prominent ear surgery?

After the surgery, you can take a shower as often as you want, below the chin level. For washing hair and head, you can follow the path in women's hairdressers in the first week. You can wash your hair by lying on your back without touching your ears with water.

What should be considered after prominent ear surgery, what would you recommend?

It is very important to use face bandages with velcro in order to keep the shape given to the ear after the operation and to minimize reopening. Especially in the early postoperative period, we want the patient to wear a head bandage as long as they are at home. The more consistently this band is attached, the more 'guaranteed' the result is. Our female patients are more fortunate, they can overcome this with the use of accessories.

Should I have my child operated for prominent ear?

If the child is troubling this, it is useful to think about it. However, some children will not express this in order to avoid having surgery. Not cutting the hair short for men and using the hair to cover the ears, and avoiding buns and ponytails by using hair open for girls are some tips you can catch.

Children are very cruel to peers who do not appear to be themselvesMac Gregor 1978

My child has a pinna, will it be corrected without surgery?

My baby has a pinna, early Is it okay without surgery?Yes in babies, you have a chance, but recovery is only possible with surgery in grown-up children. When it comes to auricle, the right approach is 'the tree bends when it is wet'. It is a correct approach for the child to have this surgery in the preschool period from the age of 6-7 without experiencing any difficulties in his social environment.

What is prominent ear surgery? SHE ISWhat is the primary purpose?

The priority is natural looking, scooping corrected and not disturbingly obvious; preferably to reach symmetrical ears. The fact that the ears do not look 'done' is the key to successful surgery.

Should I really have prominent ear aesthetics?

If you have enough scoop in your ears to see it as your 'problem'. He likes your face but if you think your ears are not in harmony with your face. If you use your hair long and covering your ears so that your ears are not visible. If you often think of 'not from this angle' when taking a photo. If you often think that people focus on your ears in bilateral relationships and you feel your self-esteem damaged. It would be correct to get a professional opinion.

The right timing for the auricle aesthetics?

It is always suitable for adults. If your child has a pinna, the best time for this surgery is considered to be preschool. Why is that ? Prominent ear causes social and psychological problems, especially in childhood. As they grow up, children who enter social environments such as nurseries, kindergartens and schools may be exposed to brutal reactions and criticisms from their friends due to the appearance of their ears. Being ridiculed in friendship, exclusion can lead to problems with self-esteem and personality development; It can cause communication disorders, school failure and decreased self-esteem.

What depends on success in otoplasty surgery?

The success of the surgery depends on the surgeon's knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the patient's age, general health status, degree of auricle, resistance of cartilages and wound healing power in tissues, smoking, other structures of the face and patient-physician relationship / harmony.

How long does prominent ear surgery take? 

This surgery, which ends in the eye blink period for the patient, takes between 1 and 3 hours (approximately 2 hours) for the surgeon, depending on the scooping.  The important thing is to get the ears that look better and uncertain, without scooping, rather than time.

What are the potential risks of prominent ear surgery?

I recommend that you read the information form at the hospital where you plan to have surgery. Do not be afraid immediately, it is useful to get expert opinion on the risks here.



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    Berke Özücer, MD
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    Hello teacher, how much is the wage and is there a risk of it going back to its original state?
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    Berke Özücer, MD
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