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Thread Ear Aesthetics

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What is rope ear aesthetics?rope ear aesthetics

Thread prominent ear surgery is the name given to the process of shaping in the correction of the auricle with only surgical threads, without the need for any incision in the skin, from the points that enter / exit the skin with needle holes. Although it is referred to as 'non-surgical' rope ear aesthetics in many places, this is an operation, a surgical procedure. The main difference is that there is no incision on the skin.. When tolerated in adults, it can be applied daily without requiring general anesthesia and overnight hospitalization. However, for children to be applied carefully and to get good results, there is usually a need to sleep under general anesthesia.

How is prominent ear surgery performed?

It is made by using the surgical thread to shape the ear cartilage by passing it through the points on the skin and under the skin. The attached representative * surgical photo gives an idea about the surgical technique.

rope ear aesthetics

(* Photograph by Dr. Süheyl Haytoğlu A modification of incisionless otoplasty for correcting
the prominent ear deformity taken from the publication named.)

The price of prominent ear aesthetic surgery with thread?

For patients under the age of 18 with SGK, no additional fee is charged for auricle surgery performed in state and education and research hospitals. If you are over the age of 18, you can have this surgery with hospitalization, surgery and postoperative controls, as well as an additional fee of more than 2000 lira. Please contact us about the current situation and your questions.

Can all auricles be corrected with a prominent ear aesthetics with thread?

Unfortunately. There are many factors that contribute to scourge in the ear image:

  • No antihelical formation
  • Konka being strong
  • Wide angle between ear and head
  • Cartilage consistency
  • The bulky behind the ear bone

All of these problems are not problems that can only be corrected with surgical threads. Trying to apply rope prominent ear aesthetics to each patient will result in failure in certain patients. The main philosophy in prominent ear correction is to intervene in all the problems that make up the image in the ears, as required. If the auricle is not suitable, loading all the loads to the 'rope' technique will fail.

Who are good candidates for rope prominent ear aesthetics?

Patients with low ear opening, soft and malleable, non-resistant cartilage are good candidates for flap ear aesthetics. Again, for minor corrections, small corrections can be made under local anesthesia by using the rope and prominent ear aesthetics technique in patients with opening after prominent ear surgery.

What are the advantages of prominent ear aesthetics with thread?

  • No incision in the ear skin
  • Fast recovery due to no incision
  • Relatively shorter operation time
  • No need for dressing, just wearing a headband at night is enough.
  • Quick return to social life

Which thread is used in prominent ear aesthetics with thread? Is the color visible?

It is ideal to use transparent nylon thread in rope prominent ear aesthetics. When this special surgical thread is not used, it can be seen that the shade of the thread (dark blue or black) is evident under the skin after the surgery. However, with a suitable thread, the thread is not visible under the skin.

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    Yunus Emre TAFTALI
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