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Fat Grafting

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What is oil injection to the face? How to do facial fat injection surgery

Fat filling to the face is called the application of oil in thin layers to the areas of the face that need volume, fullness and vitality. The necessary fat is taken from the abdomen or hip area of the body. A millimeter entry point is determined and taken with the help of a cannula (round-tipped needle) connected to the injector. The volume of the oil taken does not exceed 20-30 cc (10 cc: approximately the size of a matchbox), so it does not create a difference, thinning or irregularity in the area it is taken. After washing and centrifugation processes, it is applied by transferring to special injector cannulae that enable thinner and more careful injection. During the application, only the tip of the needle and the entry point are created on the skin, and there is no scar / stitch after the procedure.


How is the oil filling prepared before injection to the face?


How is fat filling done? Where to get oil?

Fat injection to the face can be applied as a 15-minute part of a surgery performed under general anesthesia such as nose aesthetics or facelift. Again, it can be applied alone under local anesthesia. Especially abroad, it is frequently applied with mild sedatives and anesthesia of the area as a stand-alone procedure. 

It is made from the abdomen or hip area where the fat deficiency to be taken will not be noticed.

Is fat injection to the face permanent? What is the permanence of % in fat injection?

Yaygın kabul edilen miktar %60 tır. Tekrarlayan yağ enjeksiyonları gerekebilir. Her seferinde yağ almamak için bir sefer alınan yağlar ileriki enjeksiyonlar için -20 derecede saklanılarak kullanılabilir. Örneğin suradınıza toplamda 10-12 cc yağ enjeksiyonu ihtiyacı var:

Taking 20 cc, 10 cc is injected and 10 cc can be stored at -20 degrees. Roughly / approximately 6 cc of this injected 10 cc will be permanent. In the second session, an additional 10 cc of fat injection stored in the first session is added, adding a total of 10-12 cc of permanent fat to your face for life.

Will there be edema and swelling after fat filling in the face? How much will it take ?

Yağların %60 kalıcılığı sebebiyle ilk etapta gerekenden fazla yağ dolgusu yapılır. Bu geçici bir şişliğe neden olabilir. Bu şişliği azalatacak – kontrol edecek ilaçlar yardımıyla durum kontrol edilebilir.

Recovery process after fat injection to the face

The healing process after fat injection to the face is relatively easy. Why is that ? Because there is no incision on your face, no stitches, so there is no stitching problem. There is no bruise except in very rare cases. Because cannula It is made with special tools called. Edema and swelling in the area where the oil injection is applied may be widespread or localized (region by region). Sometimes it may be necessary to massage this area as directed by your doctor. 

Which areas is the face oil filling applied to?

Cheekbone clarification, cheek area, fat injection to the chin - fat filling to the chin, nasolabial grooves are the areas where frequent fat injection is applied.

Fat injection to the chin - Fat filling to the chin

Chin especially in patients of insufficient size when viewed from the side - profile chin enlargement aesthetics Mentoplasty or genioplasty surgeries give good results. However, for patients who do not prefer this surgery involving foreign implant placement and under-jaw or intraoral incisions, fat injection from the person's own fat to the jaw and enlargement of the chin with fat filling is an option.


Especially, the relatively immobility of this region increases the permanence of the fat. It does not require any incision or stitches. Advantages of this process are that it progresses without hospitalization and allows early return to work. Approximately 3 to 5 mm of advance forward can be achieved by oil injection.





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  • Ozge Elbuken
    Ozge Elbuken
    Can lip lift surgery and nose surgery be performed at the same time ?, What is the price of lip lift surgery?
  • sea crop taner
    sea crop taner
    Can I learn the cost of fat injection to the face?
  • sea crop taner
    sea crop taner
    Can I learn the cost of fat injection to the face?
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    muruvvet murat
    -temporal lift -facial fat injection -nose obstruction (I do not have a plastic surgery request. I have a breathing problem. I don't know why septum deviation or turbinate)
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