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What is lip lift surgery? Lip Lift Surgery


How does the lips become plump?


Plumping of the lip is possible by increasing the volume of its content, that is to say, 'filling' the content. How does the lip become plump, what can it be filled with? Fillers with hyaluronic acid can do this, the lip taken from the person himself. oil injectionIt can be done by placing other tissues taken from the person on the lips or by placing implants taken from outside. The most common method are lip fillersSince the lip is a moving area, the permanence of the filling is relatively less in this area. The advantage of being applied quickly and easily is the disadvantage of requiring repetition and cost.


How is the lip enlarged?


It is different from the fullness of the lips. When viewed from the front or the side, making the visible (red) part of the lip more visible makes the lip look bigger. Plumping the lips also enlarges the lips, but for example, upper lip lift and lip lift surgery, how to enlarge the upper lip and upper lip? It is one of the best permanent solutions that can be given.


What is lip lift surgery? What is a lip lifting?


Lip nose distance is the process of shortening. Your lips vermilion part When the (red part we call lip) is less visible, the upper lip appears short and the lip-nose distance is extended. Especially in this case, women apply lipstick from above to make their lips clear. Again, trying to make the lips more pronounced by overfilling the lips is temporary and will not solve the problem. Lip lift surgery that shortens the nose lip distance and brings the visible (red) part of the lip forward (lip lifting) in this case is the necessary action. Nose aesthetics Similarly, since the incision is hidden under the nose, when the incision is repaired carefully, an inconspicuous recovery is possible.


What is lip lift?



How is upper lip lift surgery performed?


Bullhorn lip lift is the most commonly used lip lift technique. The incisions are hidden in the natural folds under the nose. It only targets the lifting of the upper lip. Teeth that are slightly visible with a smile are covered by the lengthening of the upper lip distance with age. This process allows the front teeth to appear in their decision.


A thin piece of skin is removed in the form of the horns of the bull. The muscle is tightened and the upper lip takes its new position. Due to the location of the incision, the scars are hidden and shadowed. It is an adjustable surgery that allows removing the amount of skin according to the need.



What changes in lip lift surgery?


                                • Philtrum (upper lip-nose distance) becomes shorter.


                                • Thus, the vermilion border of the upper lip is pulled up


                                • The red part of the upper lip seen from the front is elongated


                                • The upper lip lower lip ratio changes.




We can examine the changes that occur during lip lift surgery on Angelina Jolie's lips. What's beautiful about Angelina Jolie's lips? The upper lip lower lip aspect ratio is almost 1: 1. The distance between the upper lip vermilion border and the nose is quite short: almost equal to the distance of the upper lip. The upper lip is long. Apart from these usual perception of beauty proportions (second photo), here beauty is in the eyes of the beholder the rule is working.




Who are candidates for lip lift surgery?


People with a long lip-nose distance. The vermilion of the red part of the upper lip is indistinct - persons with short. People who want to plump their upper lip at the front glance. People who do not want to avoid permanent filling, silicone or implants can benefit from lip lift surgery.


How long does lip lift surgery take?


It is a procedure that takes 1 hour with its preparation and can be applied with local anesthesia. It does not require a hospital stay.


Will there be any scars after lip lift surgery?


Similar to nose aesthetics The incision is hidden especially in the under-nose area. The under-nose area is a relatively hidden area in face-to-face communication if the person is not very tall. When wound healing and wound care are done well after a careful lip lift, the scar becomes vague after the ripening of the scar (6-9 months).


How much is the lip lift price? 


It varies depending on the surgeon, hospital and anesthesia to be applied (local, local + sedation, general anesthesia). Since it can be performed even under local anesthesia, other facial aesthetics less costly than operations.


How long is the permanence of lip lift surgery?


Unlike fillers, the effect of the process is permanent.


Does Botox enlarge lips? Does lip botox plump?


There is a misunderstanding here. Botox it only prevents the muscles from contracting and freezes movement. It does not give filling and volume. There is a lot of confusion about these two. To be memorable, I summarize it as follows:


progenygu progenystops botox froststops

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