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Chin Aesthetics

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What is chin aesthetics? 

Aesthetic chin surgery can be applied alone or in conjunction with other surgeries. The most common surgery applied together is rhinoplasty. Especially in our country big nose and small chin Aesthetics of the chin with nose reduction surgery in patients withchin enlargement) surgery is applied. When viewed from the side (profile), the fact that the chin is still behind while the nose is smaller, affects the aesthetic balance. Clarifying the chin with a chin implant reveals a more balanced image.

(Note: Here, it is useful for patients with additional problems related to dental structure to consult dentists / jaw surgeons. The topic discussed on this page is jaw aesthetics by excluding the functional problems of the jaw)

How is the need for chin aesthetics evaluated?

There is a harmony between the nose, lips and chin. You can evaluate this harmony with the following two lines. When a straight line is drawn between the lips and chin in the first photo, it should be about the same line with the nose connection. In the second photo, when a straight line is drawn between the tip of the nose and the chin, the lower and upper lips should be within approximately 2 - 4 mm, respectively.

chin aesthetics

What is genioplasty? What is mentoplasty?

If the jaw aesthetics is performed by placing an implant in the jaw, mentoplasty is performed by cutting and shifting the jawbone, it is called genioplasty.

What can be used as an implant in jaw aesthetics?

How is chin aesthetic surgery performed?

There are 2 ways. 1-To fix the implant by opening a pocket in the mouth under the anterior lower teeth - through the oral route - where the implant will be placed. 2- To fix the implant by placing it here by making a hidden incision under the chin. The second way is my choice.

Chin reduction with Botox: Chin botox, Masseter botox

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