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Permanent Facial Paralysis Treatment: Facial Paralysis Surgery

Permanent facial palsy treatment consists of a wide variety of options. Facial paralysis surgeries is very diverse. Non-surgical treatment methods are also available. Personalized treatment, timing and good planning are essential. Again, the duration of permanent facial paralysis and the person's expectations and the conditions that he wants to be cured are determinants in the choice of permanent facial paralysis treatment.

What is Permanent Facial Paralysis?

We can simply divide facial paralysis into temporary and permanent facial paralysis. An example of common facial paralysis, which can develop due to cold, rapid onset and temporary facial paralysis (acute) facial palsy (Bell Palsy) %90’ı iyileşir. Bir kısmı ise kısmi olarak iyileşir ve partial facial paralysis and synkinesis Some of the patients develop permanent facial paralysis and there is complete immobility in half of the face.
Again, the facial nerve may be affected and facial paralysis may occur due to diseases that occur in the areas adjacent to the facial nerve (ear cholesteatoma, corner tumor, salivary gland tumor). Causes of permanent facial paralysis facial paralysis after ear surgery, facial paralysis after angular tumor. During the operations performed to get rid of the diseases in these areas, the facial nerve may be damaged due to technical obligations. Temporary or permanent facial paralysis may occur.

Facial Paralysis Surgery

The facial nerve (7th cranial nerve) controls the facial mimic muscles. As a result of damage to the facial nerve or its branches, a region (lower, upper or middle) or complete movement can be affected on the damaged side of your face (right or left). Apart from the aesthetic problems caused by deterioration in the movements of the face, it is possible to encounter functional problems. For example, as the impairment of blinking and eye closure function will impair the moistening of the eyeball and its protection from trauma, damage due to dry eye and eye infections may occur in the long term. Again, due to the deterioration of mobility in the corner of the mouth, the spilling of the food content from the corners of the mouth while eating and drinking and the involuntary flow of saliva out of the mouth are among the functional problems experienced. All of the treatments performed to correct the aesthetic and functional conditions brought about by facial paralysis due to facial nerve damage.facial reanimationIt is called. If we put the Latin aside, this is to the side affected by facial paralysis.permanent facial paralysis treatment'applies. Permanent facial paralysis surgery and non-surgical treatment methods are available in the treatment of permanent facial paralysis.

Is there an aesthetic solution for facial paralysis that does not go away? Is facial paralysis aesthetics possible?

Yeah. In facial paralysis, facial immobility, shifts, involuntary facial deformations, sagging can be treated with surgical / non-surgical solutions to look better aesthetically. However, as understood by this people 'aesthetic'beyond being an operation, for the person to participate in life, for mental and physical holistic health'necessary'due to having an operation'not essential for health'different from cosmetic / aesthetic surgeries.

Is facial paralysis aesthetic surgery necessary? Why is that ?

Beyond facial paralysis plastic surgery, bringing the person with facial paralysis closer to 'normal' and increasing the quality of life it is a reconstructive surgery rather than aesthetic. The quality of life of the patient decreases with facial paralysis that does not go away. There is a decrease or complete loss in the mood / mimic expression on the paralyzed side of the face. In addition, due to faulty healing in facial nerves'synkinesis'unwanted movements that we call' may occur. The inability to create movement on half of the face, which is the reflection of the identity / personality of a person, and the uncontrolled movements that occur out of their will makes the social life of the person difficult. According to the results of research published by the John Hopkins Facial Paralysis Clinic, people with permanent facial paralysis significantly decrease the quality of life and as a natural consequence of this disability, these patients are more prone to be depressed. Hence 'permanent facial paralysis'It is a condition that strains the living person mentally and physically and should be treated without delay.

Kanal B: TV Interview on Facial Paralysis Surgery

Permanent facial paralysis surgery: Nerve transplants

Especially in microsurgery and nerve transplants With advances, very good results can be obtained in suitable patients. It is worth mentioning the concept of 'window of opportunity' here. After a permanent facial nerve paralysis occurs in a person, the paralyzed nerve and the muscles that trigger its movement miscommunication period one's from nerve transplant the benefit he will see It is one of the most important factors that determine. Because after the facial nerve does not stimulate the muscle for a certain period of time (not sending a signal), this nerve-muscle relationship deteriorates over time. The length of this period negatively affects the success of the nerve even if the repair is made later. In general terms, made after 2 years in nerve transplants It is the roughly accepted approach that there is no turning back.
Research by the John Hopkins Facial Paralysis Group corner tumor surgery post facial paralysis despite his anger It recommends not to wait longer than 6 months for people who develop and have no signs of nerve recovery. In the 6th month after the operation, patients are evaluated for nerve transplantation. After surgery In patients whose facial nerve is not cut, so facial paralysis is expected to recover If there is no clinical sign of spontaneous nerve regeneration (healing) and there is almost complete facial paralysis, a longer waiting period than this period will be made. nerve transplant badly affects his success. Therefore, as of the 6th month, it is suitable for permanent facial palsy surgery evaluation.
In summary, the person's consulting a doctor without delay is decisive in the amount of improvement.

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  • Ercan renda
    Ercan renda
    My lip slips while my teacher is speaking. (In short, I am like a star fox 😊) I was born this way when I was born. Is it possible to cure
  • Berke Özücer, MD
    Berke Özücer, MD
    Reply to your e-mail
  • Samet kose
    Samet kose
    Hello teacher, I wrote to you before, but unfortunately I could not get an answer after a while, I suddenly had facial paralysis on the left side of my face about 5 years ago, there was almost no improvement in the first month, but there was a slow recovery afterwards, but unfortunately it did not heal one hundred percent, while talking while talking, etc. I can't do it like I can't move my lip like it used to be. What kind of solution is it? It was said that I don't have a solution as much as I went to the doctor. I saw your video on the internet and you say something completely different.
  • Tattibubu Madomorova
    Tattibubu Madomorova
    Hello teacher, I got sick with facial paralysis when I was 13 years old and it hasn't been sick for 10 years.
  • Sea
    Mouth curvature
  • Mehmet Canli
    Mehmet Canli
    My teacher, I had facial paralysis 15 years ago and the paralyzed side did not heal completely. I started acupuncture treatment 2 months ago, although there was a little improvement, but while laughing, one of my eyes got smaller and the mouth edge did not heal completely, and it bothers me even though it is not noticed by most people. Do you think there is something I can do in 15 years or do I have to accept the situation?
  • Kenan Çerpanov
    Kenan Çerpanov
    Hi doctor. I have been like this for 7 years. Right side. Estimated right side of my face 30-40% is working. I am now ashamed as I grow up. We treated it a little better. But it did not heal completely (My question to you would be to restore it with surgery or aesthetics. By the way, I am 21 years old. Thanks in advance.
  • laughing cloth
    laughing cloth
    Hello doctor, I had a brain tumor operation, the tumor was in the brainstem, so it was a difficult surgery and of course, the right side of my face was permanent facial paralysis as a result of such a difficult surgery, and I can no longer bear my image I am tired of living, if there is a solution, how can I contact you laughing cloth 05325621288 manisa
    hello teacher please help me if there will be a solution. First of all, I would like to state that I am very sad that I was unlucky for you to understand how unhappy I was, since the day I was born, I was born with the problem you call cleft palate, and now I am 27 years old. there was a permanent facial paralysis. Something that happened as a result of an accident at the age of 2.5. during the accident they only wanted to save my life. I was neglected as if the rest were my punishment. I went to many doctors, physicians, ENT plastic surgeons, they always showed me despair. Even my doctor who had cleft palate surgery said it was impossible. I went until the last 2 years ago, I was always alone. They offered botox, I was afraid, because there was no one to support me in this code, I was tied to despair. Please I would appreciate it if you could help me. I present my endless thanks in advance ...
  • Gokce
    I had facial paralysis about 10 years ago, now I am 19 years old, doctors say that now it is possible to improve with aesthetics, is it possible to recover with surgery without leaving a permanent scar on my face.
  • İlker Onur Senturk
    İlker Onur Senturk
    Hello, my professor, I have facial paralysis for 3 years.I received electrical treatment 2 times when I was the first time, and when I did not give results, I accepted the surgery that made my fetal muscle eye and I was frightened.I did not know what to do.I was scared. My eyes continue to be dry. There is no excessive loss of symmetry in my face. My mr results were clean. My dry eye affects me very much. And it disrupts my quality of life. I give up everything now, just my eyes can not be the same as before? I am looking forward to your help.
  • Ayşe Ulu
    Ayşe Ulu
    Hello teacher, my lips slip while laughing while talking, there is a disorder in posture, can it be treated?
  • Hope hopa
    Hope hopa
    Lip skew can be in the mouth
  • Kerem Şahin
    Kerem Şahin
    While laughing, I want to get information as to what is the treatment and the price is one side above.
    Hello Berke Bey, My daughter was operated for a glomus tumor in İzmir 9 Eylül University in February 2018. Multiple tumors were removed from the right part of the head. Permanent paralysis occurred as a result of the rupture of the facial nerve during the operation. We had physical therapy for 90 days after surgery. Now we are doing research on nerve transplant surgery for the face. When we saw your work on social media, we wanted to meet with you. We want to have this surgery. Are there any institutions you work for in Izmir? Thank you.
  • spring koçak
    spring koçak
    Hello, I started having facial paralysis on December 17, 2018. In the first months, I could not move the right side of my face. now I can move it, but lip slippage and synkinesis have started. You may not say anything without a medical examination, but as far as I watched from the videos, you suggest botox or surgery. my teacher to the state. Can I learn both the recovery process and the price?
  • Vildan
    Hello. When I speak, my lips are added to the left. And especially videos and photos are even more pronounced, I wonder what is the reason for this. What is required for its treatment ..
  • Mohammed Vulture
    Mohammed Vulture
    I had facial paralysis at the age of 1 as a result of swelling in my neck, now I am 20 years old, would it work if I amalyat?
  • Ismail Kazancı
    Ismail Kazancı
    Sir, have a nice day, my daughter is four years old, she has a curvature in her mouth while talking and laughing. born like that. Is there a remedy? Where should we apply, I hope we are not late?
  • Yilmaz Agaoglu
    Yilmaz Agaoglu
    Seven months ago, left traumatic paralysis occurred. While I started to heal, there was a sinkineai 4 months ago. My eyes close and live while eating and talking. What should I do, what can you recommend ... Thank you.
  • Silk hawk
    Silk hawk
    I have slipped lips while laughing, is it possible to treat, what is the price?
  • Dilek Yılmaz
    Dilek Yılmaz
    While my teacher is talking and laughing, there is a slippage in the lower left part of my lip. I experience this situation from birth. Is there a cure? Thank you.
  • Rümeysa k Arslan
    Rümeysa k Arslan
    My teacher was born with a low right side of my mouth. It is very obvious when he laughs a little while talking. Especially when I shoot a video or talk to the camera, more curves are seen than in the photograph or mirror. Is there a permanent treatment for this condition, especially without surgery.
  • Ahmet Düngel
    Ahmet Düngel
    hello doctor ... I have a discomfort as in the video of the lip sliding .. There is a lip slump while talking or especially laughing ... Is it possible to treat ... how where when ... what should I do first ..
  • Mehmet Orulluoğlu
    Mehmet Orulluoğlu
    Little lip shift while laughing
  • Ahmet Sword
    Ahmet Sword
    Good day, baby Ken, I am sick now, I am 26/27 years old. My lower lip is on the top left side of the conversation Ken and laughing, I went to the state hospital and they suggested three state hospitals they said nerve muscle transplant may be fln from you, I actually want to have an examination.
  • Fatma
    After a tooth abscess, I have slight traps on my face

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