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Facial Paralysis: E-Evaluation with Video

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Permanent facial paralysis treatment and permanent facial paralysis surgery I am receiving messages about the evaluation of the situation regarding. Patients who often live outside of Istanbul or wonder before the examination can ask whether there is a treatment for permanent facial paralysis and what I can do for them. I often think about how to respond to these emails and have trouble. For three reasons:

  1. No e-mail is a substitute for inspection
  2. I cannot make a definite decision without seeing your face, listening to you and doing your examination.
  3. A detailed video is required.

For these reasons, diagnosis / treatment via e-mail / internet is incomplete, risky and open to wrong decision. I don't mind. However, I am putting the following standards here for due diligence. When I do the evaluation, I answer the e-mail, but I make the final decision after the examination. I recommend this primarily to patients who write from outside of Istanbul. The following Ask a question to Dr. Berke Özücer You can save your question in the section, return to your e-mail at the first opportunity: 

  1. When did you have facial paralysis? and then have you received any treatment. A brief summary of your situation
  2. What are your expectations? What is your priority for improvement?
  3. Standard videomust include (shot in beautiful face light, similar to the photos below):
    • the face at rest,
    • If there is an unwanted movement on the face (synkinesis), it is recorded (for example, squinting when laughing or tightening in the chin and neck when closing the eye)
    • lifting eyebrows,
    • eye closure,
    • closing eyes tightly,
    • smiling without showing teeth,
    • showing all teeth (32 teeth laughing)
    • whistling
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  • Spring
    Hello, my teacher, I am 20 years old.I had facial paralysis on 25.11.2011 now I cannot make some movements on my face, my forehead does not wrinkle I cannot whistle I do not whistle I do not whistle my lip rim involuntarily when I blink I have syncreaz my teeth 32 teeth I can not laugh my mouth does not fully open my mouth is a little more All this annoys me, I am ashamed even when taking a picture, I would be glad if you could help me, how can you recommend me a treatment or if I have a chance to come to your clique, I write to you.
  • Berke Özücer, MD
    Berke Özücer, MD
    Bahar Miss, I wrote a detailed reply to your e-mail, I'm waiting for the news, get well soon. Dr.berke özücer
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