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Synkinesis Surgery

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Synkinesis Treatment

Synkinesis first-line treatment in treatment botox and physical therapy. Synkinesis can be treated largely, involuntary contractions can be prevented and facial symmetry can be achieved by performing botox injections 2-3 times a year and supported by physical therapy (neuromuscular rehabilitation). However, long-term resistance may develop over many years to continuous botox injection. Again, some patients do not look favorably on the need for botox treatment and continuous injection and prefer 'Synkinesis surgery' which is a permanent solution despite its risks.

Synkinesis Surgery

For the solution of synkinesis in the appropriate patient botox and synkinesis surgery options other than physical therapy are among the most current topics in recent years. Permanent facial paralysis treatment options Current synkinesis surgery options between:

Selective Myectomy

Spasm and neck / face spasm and - involuntarily - beyond the person's will and control synkinesis creating muscles are analyzed. By detecting these muscles on the face, by deactivating these muscles, neck and facial spasms are permanently prevented. Mouth slips in the corner of the mouth around the mouth, lip slippage and while laughing can be done without leaving any incision / scar outside.


With this method, spasms, strains and spasms in the neck can be treated.



Selective Neurolysis: Microsurgery

With microsurgery, it is possible to find the branches of the facial nerve and facial nerve under the microscopic image and identify the ones that cause synkinesis. is facial paralysis surgery.

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  • There is Selda
    There is Selda
    Mrb teacher, I had facial paralysis when I was 6 months pregnant. There is shrinkage in my right eye and a narrowing while laughing. I would appreciate it if you can enlighten how to do surgery or treatment on this issue. This situation affects me psychologically. Thank you in advance
  • Pelin Canbay
    Pelin Canbay
    I was 20 years old and I had facial paralysis when I was 12 years old.I drank very little cortisone because I was young, although I received physical therapy, I did not fully recover, and after a while I learned that he had synkinesis, I still received physical therapy, but there was no improvement in my face, although it was not clear at first sight. There is a very certain squinting while making facial expressions while laughing, there is a curvature in the mouth and asymmetry in the face I saw in your video that this could be a treatment, I wonder about the price information and the treatment process, I would be very happy if you answer them.
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