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What is Botox? What is Botox?

We call Botox the form of the toxin secreted by a type of bacteria (Clostridium botulinum) that can be used therapeutically after processing under technology and laboratory conditions. Many people think botox is snake venom, without misinformation in this society. Botox has nothing to do with snake venom.

Who is not given Botox? 

It is not applied to mothers who are breastfeeding and pregnancy during the postpartum period. 

How is Botox made? 

The decision is made by injecting botox liquid with thin botox needles. Injected botox is painless. In my practice, I use vibration to make this process painless. Pain / bruising and swelling are not expected after the procedure.

The mechanism of action of Botox: How does Botox reduce wrinkles?

Uygulandığı kası kasılamaz hale getirir, yani geçici süreyle hareketi ‘dondurur’. Yanlış bilinenin aksine hacim yada dolgunluk sağlamaz. Örneğin dudak botoksu yapılmaz, yapılırsa dudaklar hareket ettirilemez. Lip filler It can make it fuller. To sum up: botox freezes, fills (i.e. gives volume).

As a result of the repetitive movements of the facial expressions / facial muscles for many years, the lines formed due to the folding of the skin over it become settled. These lines are caused by muscle movements. dynamic lines called. For example, the horizontal lines on the forehead, vertical lines between the eyebrows, the lines we call crow's feet around the eyes, vertical lines around the mouth are dynamic lines. Movements of facial facial muscles botox When applied, it weakens, even the muscle does not work at all for a while. Thus, arising with muscle movements dynamic lines gradually disappears. As a result, his angry, old, exhausted facial expression is removed and he gains a younger, more vivid expression.

Usage areas of botox

Even though it is used in preventing sweating and neurological diseases, I do not apply Botox except for the face, the practices I do frequently:

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