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Things to consider after nose aesthetics

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Keep the head high

In order to minimize edema (swelling) and bruising after nasal aesthetic surgery, the head is raised with 2-3 pillows and supine it will be useful to lie down (the first 3-4 days). Cold gels or ice around the eye area and cheeks will reduce swelling and bruising.

It is beneficial not to smoke, So why?

It affects the healing process negatively (at least the first month). So how? It reduces the amount of blood going to the healing tissues by shrinking the veins. The cartilages used in nose surgery are one of the rare structures in the body that do not have vascular connections. Their nutrition and the preservation of their structures placed during surgery are directly proportional to their incoming blood supply. Example: A cartilage placed 10 millimeters may go down to 9 millimeters due to poor nutrition in the postoperative period, causing bad changes in your nose.

For bruising and swelling after nasal aesthetic surgery

Applying this cream 2 times a day on the bruises and swelling (not in your eyes) will help to reduce the swelling quickly. Arnica Gel is produced by the company Meditech and its price is 20 liras. Sold in Hepsiburada. Arnica montana is a herbal product, tablet forms are routinely given abroad after surgery, but it is not available in our country for now.


You can drink green tea with diuretic properties to reduce swelling and edema especially in the long term (2-3 cups a day). Again, it will be beneficial not to eat too salty during this period.

Incision dressing in nose aesthetics

If the nose surgery was performed with an open technique, keeping the incision / seam between the nostrils clean with antibacterial creams and softening the crusts will make your scar beautiful (4-5 times a day).

Remember, no crust on stitches means painless stitching!

Nasal congestion after rhinoplasty surgery

Bleeding will come from the tampons in your nose in the form of leakage. It is important to wash the nose in order to prevent the accumulation of these bleeding and crusting inside. (4-5 times a day) How? Video1  Video2 For this purpose, you can use the following products  Sinol  Abfen (You may be interested: My writing on nasal pads)

Remember, when the inside of the nose is moist and crusted, the tampon comes out painlessly. 

Other considerations

No glasses to wear after nose surgery, especially heavy glasses may cause displacement of the bones on the nose roof. Again, it is useful to consult your doctor. Stay away from activities such as football, basketball, sports, running, fitness, weight lifting and sexual activity where you can force yourself and get blows to your nose, your nose is fragile during this period. Consult your doctor for the duration.

Use only medications prescribed by your doctor. Do not risk anything. Consult your doctor for any questions / n that you think are important.

Get well soon, hope your post-surgery recovery period will be good! Dr. Berke Özücer

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