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How many days will nasal tampon be removed after nasal aesthetics?

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What is a nasal tampon?

Nose pad is a material made of plastic / silicone material that is temporarily placed in the nose before and after nasal surgery. Silicone nose pad (seen in the photo above) is the most commonly used type.

What day is the tampon removed after nasal aesthetics? 

Variable. Sometimes 2-3. on the day. Sometimes, after a nose surgery on a very crooked nose that has been traumatized in the past, I prefer to keep the nasal pad for the first week and take it on the 7th day. Often 2-7. between days.

How many days does the tampon remain after nasal aesthetics?

(My Preferences) Pad 3-4 after rhinoplasty. can be removed from day one. In closed nose surgery tampon is usually 2-3. It can come off from day one. Advanced (extreme) curvature, revision nose surgery In similar cases, this period may be extended up to a week. However, this is not standard: some surgeries are performed without a tampon, while some surgeons prefer unbuffered surgery. To give a figure, it is appropriate to say 3-7 days in a rough sense. 

How many types of nasal pads are there? What is a silicone nose pad?

There are many nasal pads that melt and do not melt. Because of the long cloth tampons used in the past, 'tampon paranoia' developed in humans. However, the situation has changed a lot now: The most commonly used nasal pad after nasal surgery (nose aesthetics) is silicone pad. Pictured above Doyle bumper corrugated silicone nose pad we call. There is an air channel (grooved) in the silicone pad, which makes it possible to breathe and is soft. According to the size of the nose, the part above the groove can be cut and shaped and reduced so that it does not cause pain in the postoperative period and during removal. 

Why is a tampon placed in nose surgery? Is it necessary?

The function of the nose bumper is the same as the wooden planks used in civil engineering when building foundations / columns. Until the nose heals, it allows the tissues to heal with each other as desired and smoothly. It acts as a mold. It guarantees the surgery performed. It prevents postoperative adhesions between the walls of the nose. It ensures that the tissues fit well.

What do the grooves in the nasal pad do?

The grooves allow the air ducts to remain open during the wearing of the tampon and allow the patient to breathe comfortably and clean the nose comfortably. It prevents the nose from 'swelling in'. In the postoperative period, the nose wants to swell outward and inward.

Is unbuffered rhinoplasty and unbuffered rhinoplasty possible?

Of course. Nasal aesthetics can be performed without a tampon in non-traumatic noses that are not accompanied by severe septum deviations. It is only after the examination that your nasal aesthetics can be done without a tampon.

When is the tampon removed in nose surgery?

Unfortunately, there is no standard time to remove tampons from the nose. It can vary depending on two factors: (1) The preference of the surgeon performing the surgery (2) The nose surgery performed (not all nose surgeries are the same). So how am I doing it? Sometimes we do unbuffered nose surgery. Usually in nasal curvature surgery 2-3 days is enough. When the curvature is very bad, this period can sometimes be extended up to a week. In nose aesthetic surgeries I prefer to put tampons for a week. Sometimes we discuss the pros and cons of the patient and perform unbuffered nose surgery. 

Can I take a bath with silicone nasal pads?

Of course yes. 

How is nasal packing removed?

Simply and painlessly! The seam fixing the buffer to the nose is cut, the pad becomes mobile. Thus, the bumpers can be removed by pulling from the right and left opening of the nose.

Does it hurt to remove tampons from the nose?

The silicone tampon used is specially produced for nose surgeries. It is soft, it is for the job. It can be reduced according to the size of the nose. Post-operative nasal care If it is done well, there will be no crusting and adhesion on the nose. Even when there is no drying in the nose, tampons can be removed painlessly and with a simple operation of a second. The tampon, which is fixed with a stitch during the surgery, thus prevents it from moving forward (sneezing) and back (throat) and causing discomfort during its stay in the nose. While removing the tampon, this stitch is cut and the released tampon is pulled.

Unbuffered nose surgery - can rhinoplasty be performed without a tampon?

Yes. In my own practice, I can choose unbuffered rhinoplasty and unbuffered rhinoplasty for my eligible patients. I do not do this in every patient, so how do I choose my patient? I really don't have an intense curvature in the person, and I don't think the tampon will really provide an advantage in the healing process. unbuffered rhinoplasty i can

Especially if there will be shape changes outside the nose and the problems inside the nose are limited, I perform my operations without a tampon.

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