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Narrowing nostrils

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Nostril reduction surgery: Nostril reduction decision


Overflowing from the vertical line drawn from tear springs at a glance nose wings it is considered wide and narrowing can be applied to the nose wings. There are several main reasons that make the nostrils look bigger in front of you.

1.The first of these is your nose insufficient projectionis. When looking from the side (profile), if the tip of the nose is not at sufficient height (distance from the cheeks), that is, if its projection is insufficient, the nose may appear wide to be more flattened to the right and left. Here, increasing the height of the nose narrows the nostrils in the opposite view.

2 again the tip of the nose is too raised It can also cause the nostrils to appear too much. Sometimes the only need is to fix this. Previously unsuccessful rhinoplasty and 'over-raised' 'over-shortened' noses revision rhinoplasty Reoperating the nostrils so that they are less visible will create a feeling of shrinkage in the nostrils.

nasal-piercing-gurgling-short-noseSometimes, although the nostrils are not very large 'alar notching' (alar retraction) only due to more visible is still. With this type of nostril views, various surgical maneuvers and nostrils covered up holes less visible can become.


How to make a decision for nasal narrowing surgery 

There may be many parameters that make the nostril big. In person nasal sill it may be wide or the interalar distance may be large or nasal flare can be wide. Combinations of these are also possible. By detecting the problem affecting the shape and size of the nostril in the person, surgery is performed for the problem.


How is the nose hole reduction surgery performed?

The technique called 'wedge resection' below is one of the most commonly used nostril reduction procedures. It is often done at the very end of the surgery. The final shape of the nose shaped harmoniously as a whole



Things to consider after nostril aesthetics

  • Good and clean postoperative wound care
  • The incisions on the skin do not see the sun for a few months and the use of sunscreen

Nostril reduction surgery prices

Nostril reduction is the procedure performed when necessary at the end of the surgery as part of rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty operations. Closed rhinoplasty or open nose aesthetics can be done as the last step of the surgery afterwards. There is no additional fee when applied in this way. Nostril reduction can be applied alone in selected patients that will not disrupt the compatibility with other nasal parts. 

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(Source: Kridel RWH, Castellano RD. A simplified approach to alar base reduction: A review of 124 patients over 20 years. Arch Facial Plast Surg. 2005. doi: 10.1001 / archfaci.7.2.81.)

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