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Revision Rhinoplasty

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What is revision nose surgery (revision rhinoplasty)? What does revision rhinoplasty mean?

If you are reviewing this page, it means that you have had at least one nose job before and you are not satisfied with the result. Firstly, get well soon. Secondary operations may be required for retouching and correction after rhinoplasty surgery (The standard rate in the world yaklaşık %10, Unfortunately, one out of every 10 rhinoplasty patients undergoes revision rhinoplasty surgery for various reasons). Correction surgeries to be performed in dissatisfaction with the previous nose surgery 'revision rhinoplasty'so (correction) revision rhinoplasty called. Although the general principles are the same as rhinoplasty, they are generally surgeries with higher technical difficulty.

Why are revision nose surgeries difficult?

Patient-physician distrust due to nasal surgery / rhinoplasty, which is undergone but the result is not satisfied, affects the patient's relationship with the physician during the revision rhinoplasty process. Small touches may be required after nasal aesthetics and can be performed by the same physician. However, sometimes the situation is different, if there is a major deformity after the surgery (eg nasal collapse after surgery, post-operative nasal tip drop, etc.), it may be beneficial to get a second opinion. Here, it may be a good choice to consider having surgery on a new surgeon in order to refresh the patient-physician trust relationship.


These are surgeries that have been operated before (often by another surgeon) and what was done inside is unclear (surprise). Especially in the nasal aesthetics performed in 2000 and before, cartilages were removed / destroyed for cosmetic purposes without caring about the carrier elements of the nose. In my personal practice, I always want the surgery note that the person has undergone. However, except in rare cases, the document containing the details of the previous surgery was not given to the patient, either was lost or it was prepared without the necessary detail.

When is revision rhinoplasty performed?

It takes between 6 months and 1 year for the edema to disappear completely after nasal aesthetics. This period may take longer for people with thick skin. At least this period is recommended to pass in order that these temporary edema and swelling do not affect the decision of surgery wrongly.

Revision rhinoplasty prices

Cut without inspection revision rhinoplasty price it is not possible to give because the required actions are very diverse. Preliminary price information please contact for

What depends on success in those with revision rhinoplasty?

  • Information about what was done in the previous surgery (surgery note)
  • Reestablishment of the patient-physician trust relationship that deteriorated in the previous surgery
  • Good pre-operative planning
  • Your physician is experienced with revision rhinoplasty (ask your doctor for the results)
  • Not smoking before and after the surgery

How is revision rhinoplasty performed?

Open or closed rhinoplasty technique can be done. It can also be done under local anesthesia, sedation and general anesthesia. Sometimes the procedure to be performed on the noses requiring a minor retouching may take less than 30 minutes, while more extensive revision rhinoplasties requiring structural reconstruction can take up to 4-5 hours. Hence it is variable.

The cartilage to be used in revision rhinoplasty may have been used in the previous surgery. In such cases, it may be necessary to use tissue from the ear or rib cartilage of the person if needed. The questions that naturally come to patients' minds about the necessity of taking cartilage from the ear and ribs are as follows:

Will you need additional cartilage in your revision rhinoplasty surgery?

These are surgeries that have been operated before (often by another surgeon) and what was done inside is unclear (surprise). In my revision rhinoplasty operations, it is not possible to know exactly the need without opening the nose and starting the nose surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo surgery by explaining the possibilities and obtaining patient consents.

Will it be obvious that the cartilage is removed from the rib?

This cartilage is made from a maximum 4 cm incision (2 finger thickness), after the rib is removed, this incision is carefully stitched and is not visible. In female patients, the breast is not visible because it is hidden under the finish line, and in male patients, it is not apparent especially in men with hair on the chest. Since there are about a dozen ribs on the right and left, the piece of rib taken does not cause any deficiency in the person. If in the ear There is no functional problem in the ear after the cartilage is removed.

Cartilage removal from the rib Is it painful?

I use muscle-sparing technique when rib cartilage is required during revision nose surgery. This significantly reduces the pain in the postoperative period. Check out our research results published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery

Revision nose surgery prices

Rib cartilage removal in revision nose surgery

Ear cartilage removal in revision rhinoplasty

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