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Revision Rhinoplasty with Ear Cartilage

When is nose surgery performed by removing cartilage from the ear?

Rhinoplasty by removing cartilage from the ear is often performed in patients who have undergone previous surgery when the intranasal cartilage reserve is low. In revision nose surgeries ear cartilage for the need for cartilage or to rib cartilage can be directed.

Is it necessary to remove cartilage from the ear in every revision rhinoplasty?

No, it is necessary if the cartilage structures were very weak in your previous surgery and your nose cartilage resources were consumed too much. In summary, it is necessary if there is a need for material and if the material required for support was consumed in the nose in previous nasal surgeries. Each in revision nose surgery There is this possibility, so the patient who will undergo surgery should definitely be told about it.

Nose surgery price / fee / prices by taking cartilage from the ear

Getting preliminary price information (Note: Since the solutions required by the nose in correction rhinoplasty can be varied, it is not possible to give an exact price without examination. The exact price can be clarified according to the surgery required after examination.

Is it harmful to take cartilage from the ear?

The removal of cartilage in the part of the ear called concha does not cause deformity from the outside. The incision is hidden in the ear. After the operation and a good recovery, when the person holds both ears together, the ear cartilage will feel a little less stiff. It is not a condition that creates a function or deformation.

How is cartilage removed from the ear?



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