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Revision Rhinoplasty with Rib Cartilage

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How is cartilage removed from ribs?

After the nose skin is removed and the need is seen in the surgery, it is certain whether cartilage will be removed from the rib. In women, this incision is made to the lower breast crease / line on the right side. Thus, the scar is covered by the breast and hidden. It is in an area that will not be noticed even when wearing a bikini.

The skin is entered through a 3-4 cm incision to reach the subcutaneous fat and rib cartilage through the muscle layers. I try to protect these muscle layers while reaching the rib cartilage for revision rhinoplasty, in the literature. 'muscle sparing technique' Recovery and return to normal life is much faster after the removal of rib cartilage with the technique known as the technique known as. Postoperative pain relief is also minimized. J on this techniqueAMA Facial Plastic Surgery To read my work published in the magazine click

6th rib is generally preferred among the blue cartilage structures seen in the photograph. Some of the rib cartilage is removed. The part of the rib cartilage to be removed for nose surgery does not cause any deficiency or weakness in the body. After the removal of the rib, when the muscle and subcutaneous fat tissues around it are repaired correctly, there is no deformity or depression when viewed from the outside.


Is it always necessary to remove cartilage from the rib in revision aesthetic nose surgery? Revision rhinoplasty 

No, it is necessary if the cartilage structures were very weak in your previous surgery and your nose cartilage resources were consumed too much. In summary, it is necessary if the need for support has increased and the material required for support has been consumed in the nose in previous nasal surgeries. Each in revision nose surgery There is this possibility, so the patient who will undergo surgery should definitely be told about it.

Does it hurt to remove cartilage from ribs?

Unfortunately there is some pain. However, very strong painkillers are available to minimize this pain. At the same time, it is possible to minimize this pain with the right surgical technique. A scientific study I did on this 2JAMA in 017 - Facial Plastic Surgery It was published in the magazine. During revision rhinoplasty, during the removal of cartilage from the rib, muscle sparing technique I take care to use it.

The results of our study showed that when this technique was used, patients who underwent surgery had a significant reduction in their pain at rest and during movement. It can be seen in the graph below: after removing cartilage from the rib with the muscle-sparing technique (blue) compared to the muscle-cutting technique (yellow). When the muscle-sparing technique is used, the resting pain is almost not visible on the 2nd day after the operation. To read the study click



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