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EAFPS Fellowship

I was accepted to the 2016/17 EAFPS (The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery) Fellowship and won a 15,000 Euro financial support scholarship. I will continue my facial plastic surgery training, which will last a total of one year in the coming years, in centers in America and Europe.


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Rinoplasti'de Auto spreading spring flap tekniği

A new technique we use in our clinic in aesthetic nose surgeries, especially in the correction of arched noses. It was published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in March 2014 under the title "Innovative techniques". The detailed description of the technique described in the literature for the first time and the results of the first 15 patients we applied the technique after one-year follow-up are included in the article.

If we explain it in a language that everyone can understand natural and untouched appearance while aiming well breathing A surgical technique aimed at a nose. I hope that this technique, which is the original idea of Op.Dr.Sabri Baki Eren, will be understood, shared and used with good results.

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